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Description of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in Japan as Biohazard 3: Last Escape is in the Resa survival horror video game and the third installmentident Evil series developed and published by Capcom.

A new feature is the Nemesis, an experimental Tyrant programmed by Umbrella to hunt down and kill the remaining STARS members. Nemesis is very different from most enemies. He can run, use weapons, and has a dodge move, and is the first monster capable of pursuing the player from one area to the next. Nemesis is encountered throughout the game, in set-pieces, boss fights, and the occasional random encounter as the player explores the city. Even if defeated in combat, Nemesis will eventually get back up and continue pursuit.

Resident Evil 3 incorporates a dodge move that allows the player to avoid or repel enemy attacks. The player can also use a new quick turn ability, spinning 180 degrees, allowing the player to escape or turn to face an enemy very quickly. Getting up or down staircases can now be freely done just by walking to them, and does not require the player to press the action button; enemies can now follow the player up or down stairs.

The game also features an ammunition creation system in which new ammunition can be created from gunpowder through the cartridge reloading tool, or by combining gunpowder with ammunition. Players can also shoot oil drums or pipes located in certain areas resulting in an explosion or a spray of steam that can kill nearby enemies. The game also incorporates a randomization feature in which some item and enemy placement, as well as certain puzzle solutions and cutscenes, change during gameplay.
Requirements: No special requirements 


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