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Super Bomberman For PC

Super Bomberman
Bombs away! Super Bomberman is Hudson Soft's long-awaited Super NES version of the NES and Duo Bomberman games. This high-action blow- em-up is the best thing that's ever happened to group SNES game playing.
You can play Super B in two modes, Normal and Battle. Normal Mode is a somewhat boring one- or two-player quest where you bomb your way through 48 stages, fighting monsters and bosses as you try to free Diamond City from Mr. Karat and his golden goons. You can adjust the level in this mode and you g a wider variety of power-up but the action's not nearly a frantic or fun as in Battle Mode. Battle Mode's the star of the Super Bomberman show. Using Hudson Soft's new Super Multitap (bundled with the game) up to four Bomber- people can do battle. As expected, the computer fills out the playing field when you're a few bombers short.
You get a ton of power-ups in this mode. Some classic power-ups return in Super B, including the famed Kicker. Most, though, are new. You can pick up Detonators, Punchers, Skulls that make you invisible, and more. There's also a great selection of Zones, nearly all of which have new surfaces and features.
Super Bomberman throws around some 16-bit graphic muscle with more detailed characters (if cartoony), smoother animation, and sharper backgrounds. Super B's music, however, is just as annoying as it was in the previous versions. The controls could be more responsive, but the SNES controller's extra buttons are well-utilized. Overall, we like this edition more than the Duo version for its wacky new power-ups and levels. Battle Mode really makes this game great -- an instant classic! Plus, since you get Hudson's Super Multitap when you buy the game, it's a great bargain, too. Call your friends...it's time to separate the Bombermen from the Bomberboys!


Super Bomberman
Super Bomberman
Super Bomberman

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