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Dragonball Online Client Installation
Here is a set of instructions showing you how you how to complete the Dragonball online client installation.

1. Login to your game account and press the ‘GAME START’ button.

2. The Client will download updates and patches to the game.

3. Client download is complete, the client installation screen will appear.

[Next] button to proceed to the next step.

4. If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, the client can be installed.

5. The default destination folder C: \ Netmarble \ DragonBall Online, and installing in the default folder is recommended.

After you choose a destination folder [Next] button to proceed to the next step

6. After completing all settings [Install] button to proceed with the installation.

7. Dragon Ball Online has completed the installation of the client program.

8. Press ‘GAME START’ button and then run the launcher to update the client.


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