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Free Download Baby Blues Horror v4.3 Game

AJHDJKDHA !Baby Blues screenshotsBaby Blues screenshots
y second released game by KGAMES. Baby Blues is a FPS survival horror where the player is placed in the shoes of Tommy The Toddler. Tommy, as all the other children his age loves to play with toys, but the most beloved toys for Tommy are his teddies. The 3-year-old wakes up to a strange noise in the middle of the night with a bright dim light shining in his eyes. Realizing his beloved teddies are missing; He climbs down out of bed and start to look for them..
This game takes place in a house, You play the role of Tommy the 3 year old kid living with his parents. While Tommy never experience anything in his life, this day will come when one day; He wakes up in the middle of the night, he steps off his bed and notice something is missing, his teddies. Tommy goes into the adventure where his only objective is to find his missing teddies and go back to bed, He doesn't care about anything else. While Searching for his teddies, Something strange is happening into the house but .. what is it?
This is a mystery horror game, you need to find all teddies before heading to bed, while holding a map drawn by yourself which includes the plan of the house. This not a full story based game, it's just a mini game about Tommy exploring his little house. (Some players call this game 'Baby Slender')
Haven't played it yet?  Participate in 'THE DARE' -
• Step 1: Wait for nighttime to arrive
• Step 2: Get in your room and turn off the lights
• Step 3: Play in complete darkness
• Step 4: Wear Headphones and turn on the volume (or the speakers)
• Step 5: Close your door (so if something is coming for you, he will break down the door first and you will have time to hide)
• Step 6: Record your self getting all the teddies.
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