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Tranformice Hack - [VIP Hack] Instant Wins Supreme | Revian-4rt

New: Enter / facebook with IW on and see the "MAGIC "

It is a vip hack, it is possible to easily level up cheese.


Instant Cheese 
Instant Hole 
Tramp Floors 
Floor dot (Bootcamp) 

All these hacks have separated, take a look at our menu of the month of July. 
Posting updated video lesson on video. 


1st Open the full screen of the original transformice

2nd Log in and go up to a room alone.

3rd Open Hack Vip.

4 ° Press the Home key on your keyboard = ic 

5th Press = ih insert keypad 
keys should be pressed in the window vip.

6 ° Your mouse started leveling cheese alone, just change room and be happy.

7th key f8 = Trampoline

Video Toturial :

This can be useful for leveling cheese with another person. Be happy!!

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Password Rar : hackbyrevian

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