Download Dino Crisis 2 Pc Game Full Version

Dino Crisis 2 (Pc) System Requirements

  • Windows Xp,7,Vista,8
  • Ram:64 MB
  • Video Memory: 4 MB
  • Cpu: Intel Pentium III 233 MHz
The sequel to the Blockbuster, Survival-Horror Hit! Only a year ago, Regina fought for survival against raging prehistoric dinosaurs. Rogue scientist Dr. Kirk was captured. Despite these past events, research recklessly continued on Third Energy. Another accident was imminent! A military base, a research institute, and an entire town have mysteriously vanished. Armed with the latest heavy artillery, Regina and her team strive to get to the root of this latest catastrophe. It's a search and rescue missions to recover survivors and locate the missing research data. Are you prepared for this adrenaline-pumping action? Ready to hunt or be hunted?

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