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Free Download Skype - Latest Version Offline Installer

Skype is a free software for video calling. Skype gives us excellent sound quality. We can also share our Computer Screens. There are many features available on Skype like Video Calling, Audio Calling, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, Video Message etc. Skype can also run on Mac, Linux, Apple OS, Android etc. Skype is a highly secure software. You can also connect your Facebook to Skype. In Skype, you can also change your Online Status, for example - Away, Do not disturb, Invisible, Offline etc. We can also buy Skype Premium.

Features - 

  • Free Video Calling - We can call anyone else on Skype for free.
  • Calls to Mobile and Landlines - We can also call on Mobiles and Landlines at low rates.
  • Group Calling - We can also call less than  25 people at same time.
  • Skype Click to Call - You can also Install Skype Click to Call extension to your Browser.
  • Skype Profile - You can also create your Skype Profile.

To Download Latest Version Offline Installer of Skype, simply click on Download Now button.

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