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Miley Cyrus’ Nude Photo Leaked On Twitter Has Everyone Scrutinizing Her Tattoos

Miley Cyrus' Nude Photo Leaked On Twitter Has Everyone Scrutinizing Her Tattoos
Is Miley Cyrus’ nude photo on Twitter fake or not? That’s what everyone is debating, with most of the attention focused on Miley Cyrus’ tattoos. (And, no, the above picture isn’t the one under discussion.)
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, since the former Hannah Montana apparently doesn’t mind smoking pot in front of her mom, it’s no surprise she might get completely naked for the camera sooner or later.
After all, her sexually charged antics have seen Cyrus called too risque for even French television, which is quite an achievement considering the European film industry has been producing unsimulated sex in movies for years. But this latest nude romp is apparently a leaked black and white photo showing her standing completely naked next to a window.
Producing fake photos are a dime a dozen with Photoshop. Pretty much every famous celebrity under the sun has been photoshopped at one point or another to show them in a sexually explicit fashion. In this case, Miley Cyrus’ naked photo was posted to Twitter by a user called TrapPat (don’t click at work!) and some people are divided over whether it’s real. Some say she wouldn’t allow such a photo to be released through unofficial channels but it’s also possible it’s leaked.
The biggest piece of evidence is Miley Cyrus’ tattoos. At last count she has 21 of them, although if the photo is real it seems she may have added at least one more. The tattoo that reads “just breathe” is in its correct spot on the left side of her chest, but otherwise most of the tattoos are conveniently out of sight based upon the positioning of her body. Even the bottom of her feet
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