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New Elsword Hack Indoensia | Godly Title/Pet/Mount, Super Speed/Jump, Damage, and 0 MP/Cooltime | Revian-4rt

[Release] Godly MOUNT/Title/Pet, Super Speed/Jump, DMG, 0 MP/Cooltime - ALL VERSIONS

[Release] for Godly Title/Pet/MountSuper Speed/JumpDamage, and 0 MP/Cooltime Elsword NA/ID/UK/ES/KR/TW/HK/EU/DE/PL/PH/IT/JP/BR

Cheat Elsword 2014

Please update your Elsword to the latest version first 

If you question me for an answer that I have painstakingly written here, I might ignore you ._.


Godly Mount has been added for the latest ES
I don't know which mounts are popular/easily obtainable/cheapest
The Godly Effect has been added to ALL MOUNTS
This is BADIt will make the KOM size to be huge

I'll do Godly Mount for the NA's next update

Please use this poll to indicate if your region has "Mount" implemented
I will add Godly Mount to any region that has at least 1 vote  

Please use this poll to indicate which "Mount" do you want the Godly Effect to be inI'll take the top 2 or 3

I can also change each mount's SPECIAL MOVE (hopefully it is not server-sided)
Please use this poll to see which one do you prefer or I'll just leave it as default

Godly Mount
Every mount will have the same Aura Effects as the current Godly Title/Pet
Stamina Increase Rate x10 (untested)
Stamina Recovery Rate x10 (untested)

I don't have any mounts, but there are apparently some things that I could tweak for you in addition to the Godly Effect
Mount has stamina? How does that work?
I can see: Stamina Increase RateStamina Recovery RateMaximum Stamina, and Mount Size from Player's PerspectiveYou should PM me if you THINK you know mount inside out perfectly by explaining everything 

Click here and here to read Fiddler2 success stories for NA and ID!

Just don't be this person, please...

Please use a working ByPass when you are using my Mods 
If it crashes or anything, it is highly the ByPass problem, not the .KOM 

If English is not your first language, please TRANSLATE THIS POST 

Update Information

To be consistent and for the sake of your precious time and peace of mind,
I will now post the size of the versions that I currently have...
The version date will refer to the date when the mod is performed

RegionDate (yyyy.mm.dd)Original KOM's Size (bytes)

 me ONLY if any of my KOMs are different from yours (I believe yours should be the latest)
Links in thread reply might be ignored ._.
I just can't bring myself to like the style of the forum reply, the design is too messy...


Error List

KRNo more KOM modding

My mods are made using the latest KOMs I received
You can combine the old KOM with the latest KOM to keep the 0 MP/Cooldown, etc, if you know which LUA to use
However there might be new update/skills/whatever that you will miss out

Noticed that some people took my mods and posted it somewhere else claiming my hardwork is their own work and earning money from it...
May the Lord show His mercy upon you 


A huge amount of time and effort has gone into creating and maintaining this...
If you like it, find it useful, and want to support my work...

Click Here to Donate


If you do care, it's read from bottom to top

  • 2014.01.25
    • Updated ES
    • Added Godly Mount for ES
  • 2014.01.23
    • Updated BR & PH
  • 2014.01.20
    • Added 0 MP/Cooldown for PH
  • 2014.01.17
    • NA and PH!!!! Say HELLO to 0 MP/Cooldown! They're back!
    • Updated NA and PH
  • 2014.01.15
    • Updated ID & IT
  • 2014.01.10
    • *NEW* Added BR! Rejoice Brazilians!
    • Updated PH
  • 2013.12.28
    • Those of you who have downloaded NA mods WITHOUT any 0 MP/Cooldown, they should be perfectly fine to use, so you don't have to re-download anything
    • Those of you who have downloaded NA mods WITH any 0 MP/Cooldown, you should re-download and brace yourself that 0 MP/Cooldown isn't working
  • 2013.12.27
    • Read new update information on top
  • 2013.12.14
    • Updated Description and How to Use
  • 2013.12.13
    • Added JP *NEW*, but, like KR, 0 MP/Cooltime isn't working
  • 2013.12.12
    • Updated PH with KOM received on 12 Dec 2013
  • 2013.12.10
    • Updated NA and UK with KOM received on 10 Dec 2013
  • 2013.12.07
    • Bad news for KR:
      Your latest KOM can NO longer be modded with the currently available editor!
      As expected from the country that developed Elsword
      I guess they changed the type of encryption or added some extra security for the LUAs
      The best I can do is using the old necessary LUAs in your latest KOM 
      Unless someone develop a new LUA editor, then you're out of luck
      It might not work but you could give it a try anyway
  • 2013.12.06
    • Updated NA, ID, & ES with KOM received on 6 Dec 2013
    • Added PH 3 - MP only
  • 2013.12.03
    • Updated ID with KOM received on 3 Dec 2013
  • 2013.12.02
    • Updated KR with KOM received on 2 Dec 2013
    • Added UK 7 - MP and Godly Pet only
  • 2013.11.24
    • Updated DE (German) and EU (French) on 23 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.23
  • 2013.11.19
    • Added KR 3 - DMG, Title, Pet
  • 2013.11.17
    • Added DE 3 - 0 MP/Cooltime ONLY
  • 2013.11.15
    • Added IT - Italian with KOM received on 15 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.14
    • Updated KR and PH with the KOM received on 14 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.11
    • Updated EU - Europe (French) with the KOM received on 11 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.10
    • ​Updated DE and PL with the KOM received on 10 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.09
    • Updated ID on 9 Nov 2013, why do they keep updating without notice whenever they want, this is shortening my lifespan
    • Bad news KRNO MP/Cooltime for you, KR is too advanced
    • Updated KR and TW with the KOM received on 9 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.08
    • NA just updated their data036 again right on the day after maintenance, those of you who are having Invalid KOM Popup, please re-download, it should fix the problem 
    • Updated PH with the KOM received on 8 Nov 2013
  • 2013.11.07
    • Updated NA, ID, UK, ES on 7 Nov 2013
  • 2013.10.18
    • Updated PL Mod with the latest KOM received on 18 Oct 2013
    • Added PH (Philippines) from the latest KOM received on 18 Oct 2013
  • 2013.10.17
    • Updated all NA Mods with the latest KOM from 16 Oct 2013 maintenance
    • Updated all ES and UK Mods with the latest KOM received on 17 Oct 2013
  • 2013.10.15
    • Updated all UK Mods with the latest KOM received on 15 Oct 2013
  • 2013.10.10
    • Updated all ID Mods with the latest KOM from 10 Oct 2013 maintenance
  • 2013.10.05
    • Added KR 3, KR 4, TW 3 and TW 4 for 0 MP/Cooltime!
    • REVOLUTIONARY! I found out how to tweak the patched version of the skill file! REJOICE! KR and TW
  • 2013.10.04
    • Added ES 4 con MP solo
  • 2013.10.03
    • Updated all ID and NA Mods with the latest KOM from 2 Oct 2013 maintenance
    • Updated all KR Mods with the latest KOM received on 28 Sep 2013
    • Updated all TW Mods with the latest KOM received on 26 Sep 2013
  • 2013.09.25
    • Updated all ID Mods with the latest KOM from 25 Sep 2013 maintenance
  • 2013.09.23
    • Added PL (Polish)
  • 2013.09.18
    • Added DE (Deutsch - German)
  • 2013.09.14
    • Added NA 14MPDMG and Speed ONLY
    • Updated ES Mods with the latest KOM received on 14 Sep 2013
    • Added NA 13No Cooltime and Speed +25% ONLY  Godspeed 
    • Updated TW Mods with the latest KOM received on 12 Sep 2013
  • 2013.09.13
    • Added ES 3 con MP y DMG solo
  • 2013.09.12
    • Added FR (French)
    • Added Donation Section 
  • 2013.09.11
    • *HOT* NA 3Speed +25% with Normal Jump! May the Goddess of Disguise be with you 
    • Updated all NA, ID and UK Mods with the latest KOM from 11 Sep 2013 maintenance
    • Gosh, I forgot there's maintenance today for NA and ID 
    • I forgot to add Jump into consideration, it shocked me when I could jump a tile higher than everyone else in my party 
  • 2013.09.10
    • Added NA 12 with all features except DMG
    • Added ID 9 with all features except DMG and Godly Pet
    • Added ID 8 with all features except DMG
    • Added ES (Espanol), TW (Taiwan), and HK (Hong Kong)
    • I hope the ones I have are still working for you, if not please send me the new ones if your version had any maintenance 
    • For UK, I believe you will have maintenance on the 11th 
    • For a while, I'm free! 
  • 2013.09.09
    • Busy with schoolwork, will be back hopefully by the end of this week
  • 2013.08.30
    • Updated All Mods with Godly Pet to have fewer effects, hopefully it won't crash your Elsword
    • Removed Mercenary Phoru from Godly Pet
    • Added new NA 11 with only 0 cooldown as requested by @zerosblack
  • 2013.08.29
    • Added UK Mods
    • Updated NA Mods using the latest KOM from 2013.08.28 maintenance
  • 2013.08.28
    • Updated all sections to have a nicer appearance 
    • Added new ID Mods with more combinations using the latest KOM from 2013.08.28 maintenance
  • 2013.08.27
    • Added Pet 1 for ID!
    • Updated ALL NA Mods to have Godly Pet! Please re-download if you wish =D
    • Added Pet 1 for NA! Read Description!
    • Added Mod 8 with Damage and Godly Title only, I especially modified the damage to be 10x higher than what I originally modded, hopefully there's any effect 
  • 2013.08.25
    • Added ID version with 0 MP/Cooltime and Godly Title only
    • Added new MediaFaiyah links, in addition to MEGA
    • Added new information and facts, please read if you care even the slightest bit 
    • Added new link to mega downloader client for those who still love mega
    • Added KR version Godly Title only
    • Added KR version (NO 0 MP/Cooltime yet, it has the most troublesome file structure I've ever seen, prolly sometime next week, as expected from the country of the game creator, they make it hard to mod)
    • Added ID version (there's no Hamel's Seal in ID)
    • Godly Title is now on SupersonicSpeedaholic!, and Hamel's Seal, in addition to Phoru Slayer as suggested by @MAXOR45
  • 2013.08.24
    • All links are NOW working correctly, sorry for the dead links
    • Added new instructions in how to use
    • Added Mod 7 which only has Godly Title
    • Added new beauties
    • Fixed the super speed/jump, jumps too high and it's annoying =(
    • Updated the thing regarding spoon-feeding information, changed my mind, I'm pretty kind, so I'll explain them to you =D
    • Rushed thread, may be edited some time later


Download Elsword Hack

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How to Use

  • You need to have:
  • Then
    • Backup your original data036.kom inside your Elsword/data/ folder
    • Replace the original with my mod that you downloaded from above, e.g.NA.data036.na1.mp.kom
    • Rename the mod to data036.kom
    • Run your ByPass and enjoy my release

  • If you don't want to hack anymore
    • Just replace the modded KOM with the original KOM that you backup previously
    • (IMPORTANT)Don't think you can just go back to normal by applying some other random title while still using the modded KOM, I don't know what's wrong, but if you don't want to die faster than you can type "wtf" and got blasted by all the effects of the titles and lost in 5 seconds with halloween signsthunderblizzardsfirepoison clouds, and maybe a white demonheed my words. Thanks to @icywolfy for the heads-up 


I truly recommend those with Godly Title, why? Because it is beautiful

The following effects I am going to mention are stated in the title's description, I am just writing what I remembered from skimming through the list, however, I have never proved it to be true and I have to intention to do so, because I don't really care and such things don't matter to me, so don't come and tell me that I am lying for stating bullshit effects.

The beauties that I like:

  1. Your HP will recover to the maximum every few second (5-10s, if I'm not mistaken).
  2. Your MP will be around 1000 (doesn't matter actually since you have 0 MP/Cooltime).
  3. When you attack, there is a chance of inflicting either lightning/burn/ice effect to the enemy  it reminds me of Ragnarok Online that I played a long time ago (autocast Fire/Ice/Lightning Bolt while attacking), I have never seen such a colourful attack in Elsword before.
  4. Some of your acquired skills will be at Lv.10 (at least it happened to my VC and IS)
  5. 10% more EXP/Gold gained in Dungeon

Well, from my experience playing online games, EXP and ED are on the server-side.
The article on their website said
"In gratitude, we will schedule a bonus EXP and Drop Rate event once we are confident the issues are fully resolved."
This means a lot, eh~ if you know what that means

Well, I read the list:

  1. Tons of Additional Stats (ALL STATS)
  2. MAX Resistance to all attributes (500)
  3. Tons of Awakening Time/Charge %
  4. Repair cost discounted by 10%
  5. Chance of burn/ice/poison/slow damage
  6. Displays HALLOWEEN effect when you attack, LOL
  7. ...
  8. Argh, I give up, read for yourself .__.
  9. ...
  10. Many more UNKNOWN unknown beauties as all I did was put all Elsword effects into the title, I can't read all of them -,-
  11. Please don't ask don't ask me to edit my Godly Title effects, I will do it on my own discretion and it's too much work, seriously


This is my first post ever in a game forum.
The links I put above are more than enough to get you going about hacking and modding.
I did around an hour of research in this forum from a total newbie and look what I have done.

I even have problem compacting the .KOM at first 
The els_KOM isn't willing to pack the folder for me (I'm using Win7 Ultimate x64 with UAC disabled).
So I developed my own KOM extractor and compactor 

Beware of using Veteran Commander when you use those with additional damage.
You'll die instantly from overheat, especially when you use Ignition Crow (at least, that's what happened to me).
Even though the Godly Title will recover your HP to the maximum every few second, the overheat proves to be stronger.

The autokill from guitardemonxx and my speed KOM are your best friend should you choose to do so

Oh, unlike others, I believe you won't die from 1 Hit KO in PvP when using my damage mod.
I don't remember applying that effect upon you.
I only TESTED this on SOLO DUNGEON and Free Trainingnot fieldsnot PvP, blah blah blah.

Feel free to test them on the fields and PvP. I highly encourage you to do so.Why?

Because I want to see your pitiful face when you get banned.Click to see your face.


I'll just re-state what I wrote and add some more:
  1. I ONLY tested these on SOLO DUNGEON up to Feita and Free Training!NOT FIELDS! NOT PvP!
  2. Please don't ask me to edit the Godly effects, it won't be Godly Title then ._.
  3. The effects I mentioned are stated in the Godly Title's description, I am just writing what I remembered from skimming through the list
  4. I have never proved it to be true and I have to intention to do so, because I don't really care and such things don't matter to me, so don't come and tell me that I am lying for stating bullshit effects
  5. Be grateful that I even helped to mod your KOMs other than my NA KOMs
  6. Don't ask me about KomByPass not working with your other versions, SERIOUSLY, how many times must I tell you I only play NA version!

It's like you're asking me:
"Hey, my Blackberry's charger not working, can I use your iPhone's charger?"or
"Why is your iPhone's charger not working with my Blackberry"
You better think twice before PMing me

I hold no responsibilities to whatever consequences that might occur to your account or computer

Thank you

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