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[Fix] No Sound Coming from Headphones or External Speakers Connected to Your Mobile Phone | Revian-4rt

Today I faced so weird and annoying problem in my mobile phone which I have never heard of. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and it was working absolutely fine without any problem.
Today I tried to connect my PC speakers to this mobile phone to play some songs but I was shocked to see that no sound was coming from the speakers. I tried to connect the same speakers with another mobile phone and it worked fine. That was quite annoying. Then I tried to connect my headphones (or earphone, headset or whatever you guys call them) to my mobile phone but same problem. The sound output was not coming from the headphones as well.
First I thought that it might be a hardware problem. It might be possible that the audiojack part of my phone is damaged and that's why its not providing sound output to headphones as well as external speakers. But the mobile phone was successfully detecting my headphones and speakers because the mobile phone light was turning on as soon as I was connecting headphones or speakers to it.
I applied so many techniques on the mobile phone such as restarting the phone, resetting it to factory settings, etc but no success. Then I started searching on Internet to find some solutions and I got a few suggestions at online forums. After trying various solutions, one fix did the trick and the sound started coming from headphones as well as speakers.
Today in this topic, I'm going to list all possible solutions to fix this irritating problem. I'm not sure whether this problem is specific to Samsung cell phones or Android smartphones. It might happen to any mobile phone owner. So if you also face such kind of problem in future, you can try following fixes one by one:
Solution 1: Restart Your Mobile Phone
First of all try to restart your mobile phone. Its the best fix for any kind of problem. Most of the times this trick fixes many problems. Although it didn't work for me.
Solution 2: Restart Your Mobile Phone with Headphone or Speakers Connected
I came to know about this trick from a few online forums. Some people suggested to restart the phone with headphone or speakers connected to the audiojack. Again this trick didn't work for me.
Solution 3: Reset Your Mobile Phone
You can also try to reset your phone i.e. restore your mobile phone to factory settings. It'll remove all your personalized settings and downloaded apps. You'll find the option to reset the phone in settings page. I also tried to reset the phone but it didn't work as well.
Solution 4: Reset Your Mobile Phone with Headphone or Speakers Connected
You can again try to reset your phone with headphone or speakers connected to it. Again it didn't work for me.
Solution 5: Remove SD Card from Mobile Phone and Reinsert it
That was the solution which worked for me. First remove the SD card or memory card from your mobile phone and restart your phone. After restart try to connect your headphones or speakers to mobile phone. Now the sound will start coming from headphones or speakers without any problem. Now you can reinsert the SD card in mobile phone. It'll work.
Solution 6: If You Have Sandisk SD Card, Replace it
Our reader "ManinderSV" told us that Sandisk brand SD cards have some problems with Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. So if you are using Sandisk memory card, replace it with a different brand memory card and it should fix the problem.
Solution 7: First Play Songs from Mobile Phone Speakers Then Connect Headphones
Our reader "ViditM14" shared another solution for this problem. According to him, first try to play songs using your mobile phone's speakers and then connect your headphones. It may fix the problem.
That was quite strange issue and I can't understand how removing and re-attaching the SD card fixed such weird issue in my mobile phone? Anyway if you face similar sound related problems in your mobile phone ever, please follow the above mentioned solutions and don't forget to share your feedback in your comment...

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