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WWE 12 Pc Highly Compressed Game Download 680 Mb

The WWE franchise is back with an exciting all-new edition with WWE '12. The new gameplay system will make you feel like you're truly in the ring with the most fluid, dynamic, realistic, action-packed WWE simulation to date.
Doing more than simply dropping the SmackDown vs. RAW moniker that has prefaced the last run ofWWE games since 2004, WWE '12 aims to refresh the long-running wrestling series' recent stale leanings with redesigned gameplay and an all-new game engine. While it still packs a massive roster and is brimming with all of the over-the-top macho bombast and ridiculous braggadocio hardcore wrestling fans love, not all of the updates are for the better. It's easier to jump right into the ring and starthammering away at meaty dudes with vigor, but overaggressive AI and a near-broken attack counter system sap the fun.win championships. Unfortunately, other problems add to the pile, making it tough to enjoy the game's authentic trappings.
Having the freedom to create your own content to play in the game is another area where WWE '12 shines, since you can craft everything from your own custom wrestlers and movesets to entrances and storylines. The story-driven Road to Wrestlemania, on the other hand, is one of the game's biggest disappointments. It has three lengthy chapters that explore heavily scripted storylines centering on Sheamus, Triple H, and a custom wrestler you create, but these matches are some of the least enjoyable encounters in the game. They often revolve around unclear yet strict objectives, and deviating from themresults in failure. 

Game Recommended System Requirements:

Processor: 1.8 GHz
RAM: 512: MB
Graphics: 64 MB

Mouse And Keyboard

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