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DvDrum 3.0.4b Download

Publisher's description (The original text from developer/publisher).

http://img1.softwareknow.com/1/dvdrum-2/dvdrum-2-0.jpgDvDrum is a freeware drum simulator software for pc developed by Daniele Franceschini.
The software allows let's play a virtual drum with pc keyboard in simplicity and realism.
When the program starts with a simple interface, will guide users to choose own interface and key combination.
Another important program's feature is to be able to load the bases without drum track from musicals bases database, enjoing to customize the rhithms.
You can also customize your drum kit changing the appearance of its components by adding a rug or maybe even any other object.
Another interesting program's feature is the ability to customize the sound of each component with the one you like by the choose from a sound's set database.
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DvDrum 2 General Information and Statistics

  • LPlatform/OS:
  • Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 7


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