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A New Problem iPhone 6 Attracts Hair

A New Problem iPhone 6 Attracts HairForget the issue of curvature of the iPhone 6 Plus, today we have a new problem! Many users complained that the iPhone 6 attracts tufts of hair when putting the device near him, while making phone calls, for example.
He spoke many users across their accounts on Twitter that the area that are attracting hair to the phone is located precisely at the line of contact between the glass screen and rear metal made ​​of aluminum in the iPhone 6 and began to show Tweets on Hashtag hairgate to express this problem, similar to Hashtag bendgate on the problem of bending.
It is still too early to hear the response Apple in this regard as it was delayed until interacted with the issue of the curvature of the iPhone 6 Plus Despite the proliferation of many of the video clips that confirms it, the company said in a statement on the tongue of the Spokesman that the normal use of the device will only in rare cases very curvature.
He was re-users phones only nine out of the total sales to Apple stores, which has promised to apply a specific policy to check the devices and replace them for free if it is proved to actually bend

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