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Free Download Dragon Nest Offline Version

earlier in the open at the Japanese. Have been made in the original
game Dragon Nest Demo out that we can download to play with the Demo
will be smaller than the original. Which is just 210 MB, and your
character level up to the players to play with. This time I arranged to
play and control the introduction of a Dragon Nest that I have tried to
watch it.

Control and play.
Games are played and the
control of a third person perspective. We will see us on the back of the
theater. In the play, and control the mouse is facing body. The walking
and running to use the keyboard like a FPS or TPS games that have
buttons that are used to control.

Movement: W / A / S / D Jump:
Space opened the store: I open the character info: P Attack: Left mouse
button to select the skill, the numbers 1 and 0 on the Skill: K-store
items:. F to open the menu: Esc on / off the mouse: Ctrl switches to
battle mode: Tab does not lock this target it. When we play, we need to
recognize their own hand. Using the mouse to attack one of our goals is
to make a motion we move into the attack. If a remote attacker may be a
bit difficult. But the attack at close range effort was put into the
lot. Because this is a MMO game where you have to pump the drug and then
stood still. The game is based on the play action, we need to dodge the
attack and back. To fight the boss, try to remember the movement and
attack of the game. Makes it easier to cope. But do not be afraid. It
was time to resurrect it again later.

For new players to
ever play the game or games that require the FPS TPS to control this.
Recommended to start from a Warrior to me. It is a serious and tough
enough to attack. And then I try to play a shot the other two later
career. Try to cash before it is hard to think of it • What you can
expect from the Demo 1. You will play the first one did not play like it
was damage control and strengths of each profession. Two. To test the
readiness of your computer that has slipped or not. Three. As an aid in
deciding the right career for you.

Screeshot :

Minimum requirements.
OS: Windows 2000 or higher.
Cpu: Pentium III 1.6Ghz or higher.
Ram: 512mb or more.
Display: Nnidia 5700 and / Redeon 9550 or more.
DirectX: 9.0C or higher.

Needs an introduction.
OS: Windows XP or higher.
Cpu: Core2Duo 2.0Ghz or more.
Ram: 1Gb or more.
Display: Nnidia 6600 or more.
DirectX: 9.0C or higher.

Catatan : 
  • Game ini dipenuhi dengan bahasa ..... kalo ga salah jepang
  • Maaf sebelumnya saya jadikan 5 part ... Karena internet saya yang lambat ^_^

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