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Emoticons Chat Facebook Terbaru 2013

   Emoticons Chat Facebook Terbaru 2013-Facebook ?, lagi-lagi facebook, ya kalau berbicara tentang situs jejaring sosial yang satu ini gk akan ada habisnya gan :D
Apa lagi dengan fitur-fitur terbaru facebook yang bikin nyaman dan betah di facebook, chat ? yaa chat...chat di facebook memang seru gan apa lagi chat sama do'i haha

Nah..pada awal bulan tahun 2013 ini ada emoticons facebook terbaru lohh..yang bikin seru dan betah buat chat sama teman-teman agan :D
   Yang saya post sekarang ini emoticons facebook part 1 gan :D

Emoticons Chat Facebook Terbaru 2013

Smile – smiling face 
Sad – sad emoticons
Angry – face red with anger
Kiss – Kiss
In love – with heart-shaped eyes
Smiley who loves – with the heart eyes
He sleeps – He’s asleep
Pizza – a slice of pizza
Surprised – smiley with mouth open
Coffee – Cup of coffee
It rains – clouds and rain
Heart – big red heart
Broken Heart
Doctor or Nurse
BRB (be right back – back soon)
Wine – Wine Bottles
Gift – pack with green ribbon
Angelo – Santa face with areola
Balloons – Party
Birthday cake with candles
Cup – bowl noodles
Applause – face that laughs and applauds
Confused – with a crooked mouth
Happy-face curling lip
Devil – a demon face angry Lie – with a long nose

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