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Transformice Hack : [VIP Hack] Master Anti Lag + Crazy 2013 | Revian-4rt

Hello people of Revian-4rt, I'm back and I bring you guys 2 vip hack.

Master Anti-lag - With it you will reduce your lag by at least 100%, there you ask me. thbgoku more like you will bring down my lag is not that my internet speeds? Simple young man, disabling animations in the game.

Crazy spawn - With it you will generate items like crazy as shaman. Beware, this hack can lock the room.

Would you like to be part of Revian-4rt? Send your email to hack revian-4rt and we will evaluate, the more you help Revian-4rt more likely to join team!

TUTORIAL Master Anti-Lag:

1 - Master anti-lag is necessary to enter a room alone, then change the room that you will go to one where there is not anyone. 
2 - After entering the game and in a room alone, check the first box (note that it may take few seconds, then move your mouse for him not to die). 
3 - After scoring the first box, grab the cheese and see fared little smoke, if not out, his hack is already activated, if left little smoke, close your hack and your mice and try again. 
4 - After running your hack, it is necessary to mark the second box, after scoring the second box, you can change the room and you will not be banned nor hopefully DC. 

Spawn Crazy Tutorial : 

1 - After entering the game, go into a room alone where you are shaman. 
2 - Check the first box, you can move to not die. 
3 - After checking the first box, click an object and hold the shaman to create, you should be holding the event it creates dozens of items in seconds, your hack is already activated. 
4 - Now, you have to mark the second box, after you make can change the room! 

WARNING : It is extremely important to mark the second box we both hacks, because if not mark, you will be able to take banishment, not use old hacks of THB, it can cause you to ban lightweight.

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