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Cara Mengatasi The Filename, Directory Name or Volume Label Syntax is Incorrect - Revian-4rt

This problem may arise in many cases but the solution given here relates to the running of  ‘.exe’ files, one may face while running games/softwares or the running of  setups. On double clicking the “.exe” file, one may get this error: The Filename, Directory Name or Volume Label Syntax is Incorrect”
The problem is because of some special characters in the directory name added mistakenly from the download source or any other source (You can’t name your folder by using those characters, windows will automatically prohibit your action). Suppose, you have a ‘.exe’ file in a  folder naming “?/Jayant”. If you try to run that file, it will show the error most probably. So, all you have to do here is to change the folder name.
for e.g:
Current directory: “C:\Program Files\?/Jayant\setup.exe”
After renaming:
New Directory: “C:\Program Files\New name\setup.exe”
directory name
Note: To avoid such errors, name your folders using alphabets and numbers.
\/:*?”<>|   These characters can cause the problem.
Hope it helps :)

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