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Adf.ly Bot 2020 – Ultimate Hack {Private Proxies}

Adf.ly is one of the Biggest Shorten Links Site on the planet! Nowadays People are searching all over the internet to find if there is any BOT, AUTO CLICKER or some Hack for Adf.ly 2014. If you are one of them then you are at the right place. We And our Team of Programmers have developed a Bot for Adf.ly called as the Adf.ly Bot 2014 – Ultimate. So Don’t Just waste your time searching all over the internet for Adf.ly Bot and end up losing your money on some fake bots. We keep updating it each and every day of 2014 so that you guys will be able to use this Adf.ly Bot 2014 without any hassle !
This Adf.ly Bot 2014 is one of the most fastest and undetectable Bot for Adf.ly ever created. It Uses Purely Private proxies and hence we give a 100% guarantee that the Account Will Not Be Banned. We have integrated an advanced option which gives an ability to choose your desired traffic source to your link, which includes Google,YouTube and Direct traffic. Direct traffic sends visitors extremely faster compared to the other two traffic sources, but we recommend not to use that !. Just follow the instruction from below and get 1000’s of visitors to your Adf.ly account in just a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to share this with your friends!
Adf.ly Bot 2014

Adf.ly Bot 2014 – Features:

  • Uses Private Proxies rather than Public Proxies
  • Even Clicks the “Skip Ad” Button after the waiting time (Real mouse click simulation)
  • Select your traffic source: Google, YouTube & Direct Traffic
  • Faster and easy to use
  • Uses multiple threads
  • Your account will not be suspended
  • Lifetime updates available

Adf.ly Bot 2014 – Instructions:

  • Download the Adf.ly Bot 2014
  • Extract it using WinRAR
  • Run the Bot
  • Insert your Adf.ly link
  • Select your traffic source by clicking “Advanced”
  • Select the no of visits you want to send
  • Insert the Key (You Need to Complete an offer) and Click “Start”
  • Wait for a while
  • Check your account
  • Enjoy!

Does Adf.ly Bot 2014 – Ultimate Hack Work?

1248 Votes for YES/4 For NO
Last Updated: 10-08-2014
adf.ly bot - download button
****The Bot may be be detected as a Virus (Malware) Since it uses Requests, which appears as a suspicious activity to antivirus. We request you to please disable your antivirus while using this bot. We assure you nothing will harm your PC. *****
Note : If you get any error while launching the app like “Not a valid win32 application” etc, download and install microsoft .net framework from here

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