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ARK: Survival Evolved Update 180(v217.0-v217.2) x64 Full Version

ARK.Survival.Evolved.v216.2.x64- Update.180(v217.0-v217.2)

CLICK "Browse" and select your game directory
CLICK "Start"

For any further information, check

Game: ARK: Survival Evolved v216.2 x64
crack: LumaEmu
files: Revian4rt


You don't need to be running steam.
Run ARK_Launcher-SP.exe
In main menu, click "Host / Local Play"
Choose the Map, and click "Play Local"


You will need to use a fake steam account with the game Spacewar in your library.

If you don't have a fake account, you will need to do theses extra steps:
a) create a new steam account at https://store.steampowered.com/join/
b) login to your fake account with the steam client
c) install spacewar game: press keys WIN + R and run steam://install/480. It will add spacewar game into your library.

1) if you have steam running, exit it
2) locate your steam folder (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\). rename the file \appcache\packageinfo.vdf into anything else (ex: packageinfo.vdf.backup)
3) login to your fake account (a new packageinfo.vdf will be generated)
4) exit steam
5) Run AppID.Patch.exe. click the "Browse" button, select your newly created packageinfo.vdf into your steam folder. In AppId, put 346110 and click "Patch". Close AppID patcher
5a) if you have an error, try to add any other free game into your fake account
6) login to your fake steam account. you should now see ARK in your library. If you don't see it, you can still continue.
7) Run ARK_Launcher_MP.exe
8) In game main menu, click "JOIN ARK", select filter "Unofficial". You will see all available servers. Click "Join" to connect
9) when you have finished playing, Before using back your legit steam account, restore your previous saved packageinfo.vdf (packageinfo.vdf.backup) and rename it to packageinfo.vdf, or you can just delete the patched packageinfo.vdf

If you did everything above, and its still not working, you should better wait for better solution. please keep in mind, its an very early mp way to play on cracked servers and the game itself is in very early stage.

--- LAUNCHER ---

Launcher options:
nomansky: launch without the sky system and fallback to a simple sky (which also currently makes the water turn green). Just in case anyone gets driver crashes non-stop until we have those resolved.
DX10 Shaders: force using directX 10 shaders. You should get more FPS.


Removed from this release: common redist and executables pdb
You can get the redist here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!Mot23AZK!e-w4fm9kyceqJiXU_Fa5Mw

Game changelog can be found here:

--- CREDITS ---

RIPAciD, for having the idea of the appid patch method for mp
Steam006, for lumaemu
???, for AppID Patcher (if someone know who did it, tell me !)
Kindly for Patch Maker
Kortal, for launchers (and wasting time writing tutorials, uploading patchs and hosting servers for early acces games)
cs.rin.ru members, best non-steam board ever

Have fun !

DOWNLOAD v209.2 FULL - 9.6 GB:
torrent: download
mega: download

DOWNLOAD UPDATE v209.2 TO v210.2 - 16.2 MB:
mega: download

DOWNLOAD UPDATE v210.2 TO v216.2 - 1.36 GB:
torrent: download
mega: download
PS: there is a little typo in the patch executable description (display v216.6 instead of 216.2)

DOWNLOAD UPDATE v216.1-v216.3 - 77.96 MB: Download

DOWNLOAD UPDATE v216.3-v217 - 386.56 MB: Download

DOWNLOAD UPDATE v217.0-v217.2 - 92.17 MB: Download

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