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3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes V1.17 Mod

Name: 3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes

Version: 1.17

Root: No


1. Money


  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar

  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar  
  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar  
  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar  
  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar  
  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar  
  3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes- tangkapan layar  
At planet 17 which lies 100 billion light-years away, Jackbomb along with his family and friends are having beautiful days.

One day the planet suddenly was invaded by Haha demon. Attempting to take over the planet 17 as a springboard to attack Earth, Haha demon and his army invaded and blockaded the planet to create the weapons of mass destruction. Not only detaining people here, Haha also exploits the planet's fragments to produce weapons. The life of the planet 17 is being threatened hour by hour. Can’t stand looking at Haha destroy planet 17, Jackbomb and his friends together revolted against HaHa and his accomplices.

Jackbomb, Hutoro, Wolvero, Hiron, Herocap, Rohuc – 5 people with their own characteristic but have the same goal and desire. They are not Heroes as ones in Marvel’s novel. Can they be the Heroes of planet 17 with their steady heart and united strength? Come to the world of Bomber Heroes to witness the battle between good and evil, between Super Heroes and cruel evils

Get Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game to become one of Super Heroes in planet 17. You will be marveled at the beauty of planet 17. Become the strongest Super Hero and protect this planet from cruel evils.
Bomber Heroes: Bombarman Game – An excillent Marvel Super Heroes action game for your smartphone.

- Bom! Bom! Bom! Blow up everything in the way you run
- Classic Bomberman gameplay - Easy to play hard to master
- Explore new lands with more than 40 levels
- Collect items, gold and hero cards to own the super heroes you love
- You can become Marvel hero: Captian America, Hulk, Iron woman, Wolverin or Human Torch
- Each hero is representative for an element
• Captian America is Water
• Hulk is Wood
• Iron Woman is Metal
• Wolverin is Earth
• Human Torch is Fire
- Custom your bomberman with different Super Hero suits
- Variety of unique bombs with different effects
- The monsters will stronger and stronger. Therefore collect bomb items to conquer them
- Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing effect

- In campaign mode, your duty is completing the requests and missions
- Move and place the bomb to defeat the monsters and destroy the obstacles.
- Collect the items to help you run fasters or more powerful. Ton of bomb will help you blast everything
- Don’t forget to collect gold to buy the necessary and supplementary items in bom shop for next fights
- Collect hero card as many as you can. They will help you unlock the heroes you love
If you like our Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game, please rate 5 star for it. Save the planet 17 with your own Super Heroes and power right now! Enjoy Hero games with 1 click right now - Have fun with our Hero games.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/G2_Game_Studio
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio

 Install steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Playstore Link:
Google Playstore

Download Mod Apk: MOD APK [79 MB]

Note: Uncheck the "Download Using Our Secure Download Manager" and press Download

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